If you’re looking for answers, read our Frequently Answered Questions!

If you’re here for support, read these questions and make sure you can answer yes to all of them.

  • Are you running FileMaker Server 18 or higher?
  • Does your FileMaker Server have a valid SSL certificate installed?
  • Is your Data API turned on and working?
  • Does clicking the button in the connection_test.fmp file work?
  • If your files aren’t uploading, are you reading the error codes that are coming back from your requests?
  • If you got a 403 “Forbidden” error, did you use a valid s3.fm API key in your request?
  • If you got a 400 error, did you try adjusting the parameters of the request?

If you said yes to all of the above, use our contact page to send Sully an email.