10,000 writes, $30 per month + $0.00025 per additional write*

For all the big kahunas out there. Big or small, write as much as you want. We’ll bill you if you go over 10,000.


  • API Explorer, our no-code upload script constructor.
  • s3.fm API key activation.
  • Uploads to a personal, permanent AWS S3 bucket in your own AWS account.
  • Every uploaded file has a private URL.
  • Ability to make file URLs public permanently.
  • Ability to make file URLs public temporarily with presigned URLs.
  • Email and/or SMS notification if you run out of monthly uploads.
  • Monthly billing cycles with no annual contracts – cancel at any time.

Click one of the buttons below to purchase via Paypal. You can cancel at any time.

*For risk management purposes, Unlimited has a circuit breaker that disables your account temporarily if you reach 1,000,000 writes in a month. If you’d like us to set your circuit breaker at a different limit, just let us know – we can set it wherever you want.